Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Crafty Pregtastic.

Have I mentioned that we are still pregnant?  We are.  This baby is so happy in this belly of mine, I'm starting to think she might never want to leave!  But Jason and I both feel that we want her to choose when she is ready as long as everyone is still healthy.  We are planning a homebirth still, but we have a back-up plan in case of an emergency.

I have been listening to the podcast, Pregtastic, to help me throughout my pregnancy.  I've often felt alone since I'm the only pregnant person I know in Madison (let alone the only pregnant person I know in Madison planning a home birth), and although I don't know any of the women on the podcasts, I felt a little like a part of a community.  There is always something interesting discussed, from birth stories and breastfeeding, to prenatal exercise and cloth diapering. 
I love that there are always mom's from different backgrounds and life experiences, and never judgement when discussing any of the topics of the weekly podcasts.  It's so refreshing to get unbiased information to make safe decisions that feel right for my family.
As I've been waiting for baby, I've been listening to a few of the podcast episodes a day as I have been learning to crochet.

Oh yes, you've heard correctly, I'm learning to crochet.  I have always seen myself as being a knitter only.  I used to see crocheting as knitting-lite, and I always saw the rare people who both knit and crochet as unicorns, like they're mythical or something.  Now that I look back on it, maybe I was just afraid that I would not feel comfortable with crocheting.  The challenge of learning a new craft has become the perfect distraction from waiting around for an 11 day late baby!  Now Baby Lamb has more baby booties and hats than she will ever need in her lifetime, but it has sure been keeping me busy, and she will certainly be warm.
While I've been waiting, I've also completed Baby Lamb's quilt.  It's my first completely hand-stitched quilt, and I started it back in February!

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