Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Boyfriend of the week

Boyfriend of the week:
Arthur Russell
cellist, composer, producer, experimental minimalist musician.

Midterms have been kicking my butt, however, Arthur has been such a supportive boyfriend.
He's really good at calming me down with his beautiful masterpieces.

"Our last night together" by Arthur Russell

Currently Knitting: um, nothing, I don't have time to right now.
Currently Hearing: Jens Lekman
Currently Loving: daydreaming of all the knitting I'm going to be doing over spring break.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

University Underground

University Underground 2-3PM (EST)
Listen online at or download the podcast.

This week's topic is my favorite topic of all -- food.
Again, some of these songs aren't from independent artists, but I did not want to sacrifice my perfect list.

  1. "Vegetables" -- The Beach Boys
  2. "The Art of Cooking for Two" -- The Lucksmiths
  3. "Taste" -- BMX Bandits
  4. "Jessica Pancakes" -- The Parcels
  5. "Pink Lemonade" -- Tullycraft
  6. "Apples in the Trees" -- Mirah
  7. "Peach, Plum, Pear" -- Joanna Newsom
  8. "Ripe on the Vine" -- Neon Bird
  9. "Chewing Gum" -- The Carter Family
  10. "Julie" -- Jens Lekman
  11. "Angelina" -- Louis Prima
  12. "Hungry Heart"-- Bruce Springsteen
  13. "Free Pizza for Life" -- Ghost Mice
  14. "Bert's Apple Cumble" -- The Quik
  15. "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows" -- Lesley Gore
  16. "Some Chocolates" -- The Blow (ft. Mirah)
  17. "Eggplant" -- Michael Franks

Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh, hey.

Well, I'm officially leaving for the tour to Alaska on May 4th, and arriving home on June 7th.
My second birthday on the road, living the d-r-e-a-m.

Oh, hey, you're cute.
I want you on my feet.

Currently Knitting: that effing coif.
Currently Hearing: "Sax Rohmer #1" -- the mountain goats
Currently Loving: old thread.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oh oh oh oh Alaskaaaaa-ah

I might be touring to Alaska in May,
depending on when my sign language classes begin.

and now, a song to make you smile.

cover of "It's Love", by The Softies.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I need to hear you tell me you don't want my love. Songs that will break your heart.

  • I only have 11 states to visit before I have seen the whole country. See them.
  • Tour Europe.
  • Live on the west coast.
  • Knit socks.
  • Find something that makes me feel electric, that gives me chills.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

First Socks

Okay. I've put my mind to it, and I'm going to do it.
I'm going to knit my first pair of socks.

I found this pattern and thought it would be perfect.
I think after 11 years of knitting, it just might be time to try.

Also, I'm throwing a Potluck Dinner Party House Show on March 8th @ The Green Shutters (my house), so if anyone is in Mansfield please stop down and see Accordions, and some other great local acts.

Currently Knitting: that GD coif, until I start these sweet little socks.
Currently Hearing: Jens Lekman
Currently Loving: procrastinating

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Boyfriend of the week

Boyfriend of the week:

Erlend Oye

I would gladly knit sweaters for this Scandinavian man,
best known for his work with Kings of Convenience, The Whitest Boy Alive, and of course, his delicious solo work.

Beautiful live cover of "Thirteen" originally by Big Star

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

University Underground

Be sure to listen to my new solo radio show today (Tuesdays) at 2PM- 3PM EST. Listen online at
It's a show focusing on rare oldies from the 60's and newbies from the 80's and 90's indiepop movement to today.

The third Tuesday of every month focuses on Girls in the Garage, which features both old school and new school examples of girls who rock the eff out, independently (minus the Blondie I just had to throw in this week...sorry!!)

Here's the playlist:
  1. "My Boy Lollipop" -- Sakura & The Quests
  2. "Chu Sen Ling" -- The Bermudas
  3. "Eisenhower is the father" -- Best Friends Forever
  4. "Sweet Darlin" -- She & Him
  5. "Million Things" -- All Girl Summer Fun Band
  6. "Bubblegum I see" -- Annemarie
  7. "The Treehouse Song" -- Ane Brun
  8. "Cet Air-La" -- April March
  9. "Trapped Under Ice" -- Call and Response
  10. "For You" -- Elephant Parade
  11. "Picture This" -- Blondie
  12. "Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks" -- The Brunettes
  13. "Get Together" -- The Diskettes
  14. "Molly" -- Eux Autres
  15. "Hanging on the Telephone"-- The Kirby Grips
  16. "Dark Halls" -- Au Revoir Simone
  17. "Groovy" -- Billie The Vision And The Dancers


*** I did not delete the commercials and news and all of that fun stuff, but if you would like me to, just drop me a comment and that's something I can edit out in the future.

Currently Knitting: coif. (I decided to use US 3 needles, like an idiot)
Currently Hearing: nothing
Currently Loving: life/Arthur Russell.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Drunk History

So historically inaccurate, yet completely hysterical!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Boyfriend of the week

Boyfriend of the week:
He's sweet, insightful, and a great dancer.
Who could ask for anything more?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So, this is my new favorite accessory. I call it the Fraulein since it seems very Germanic to me.
I'm thinking of selling some on my etsy shop, but I don't know if they would sell.
Let me know if you're a fan!

Currently Knitting: coif, still
Currently Hearing: "And then he kissed me" -- The Booklovers
Currently Loving: Corey Genovese

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Uke til you puke.

Well, Austin broke off our engagement, so I'm a single dame once more. I don't really feel like going into too many details, but this is for the best, I'm sure.

Oh well.
Who needs a boy when you have a ukulele?
I named her Gloria, or Glo for short.

Also, I started a revelry account. Add me, fellow fiber artists!

Currently Hearing: Mirah
Currently Knitting: Coif earwarmer
Currently Loving: Frozen lakes/mango salsa
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