Sunday, January 30, 2011

Iron Cupcake Madison -- Citrus Challenge!

1.)  Evie and I didn't win Iron Cupcake this month, but it certainly felt like it!  Everyone was so kind and welcoming, and we all baked our fine little booties off!  Hats off to you, bakers and eaters alike!
At least now we know that we can bake over 10 dozen cupcakes and survive!

 ^ via Evie's facebook (but I'm not going to link it!)

2.)  Ladies Rock Camp Madison is only a few weeks away!  Women between the ages of 19-190 can come and learn their instrument of choice, form a band, and fund a girl to attend Girls Rock Madison this summer!
Scholarships are available for Ladies Rock Camp AND Girls Rock Camp! 
Please contact GRC for more info!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In The Kitchen: 80's sitcom comp

In The Kitchen has just released the collective's first compilation.  It's built up of 14 different 80's theme songs from our favorite sitcom's from that special decade we all love to hate.  It was an idea that I had thought up this past summer, and finally -- it's here!

Download and listen to it free here:

If you can't download it at bandcamp, it's also at CLLCT!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Buttercream Bru-ha-ha

Evie and I have been hard at work.  I'm so happy we had the past two days off together to try 4 different cupcake recipes, with 8 different varieties!  I feel like this was much harder than baking 10 dozen cupcakes of the same recipe.

Gosh.  It has been like the cupcake Olympics, 
but I'm pretty sure we've found our gold metal winner.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Iron Cupcake Madison

I just applied for Iron Cupcake Madison's citrus challenge this afternoon!  Together with my friend Evie, we plan on participating in the second Iron Cupcake Challenge in Madison...and raising some money for Porchlight Inc.
For more information on the event: CLICK!

I've mentioned Evie on my blog before, but I don't think I've given my readers a true introduction.  We met at Michael's crafts store in the t-shirt/screen-printing department, with our significant others...and we were buying the same exact things!  We ended up striking up conversation, and traded contact information.  Later that week we got together for a coffee and knitting break, and discovered our shared love of indie pop music, baking, and crafts.  Basically, we were placed on this earth to be friends.  Duh!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mad men headboard into reality...

I've said before how much I love Mad Men...I was even Betty Draper for Halloween two years ago!
One of my favorite elements in the show, which isn't always "ooo'd and ahh'd" upon is the interior design aspects within it.  They're historically accurate, creative, and breathtaking.  The most striking in my eyes is the Draper headboard.

I know you're probably thinking, "How can I get that look?"
Well, allow me to direct you to a few scrumptious paths to follow...





Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wedding biggies.

I've decided to keep my wedding banter to a minimum, because let's face it -- this is a DIY blog, not a DIY wedding blog.  I mean, it's cool for people who are interested, but I'm sure most people are not.
I swear I will try my hardest not to mention it more than twice a week!  This is one for the week!

I just wanted to update everyone on the biggies, because I like you.

  1. The date is set!  August 6, 2011!  (We did this about two months ago.)
  2. The venue is reserved!  Olin Park Pavilion!  (Also reserved about two months ago.)
  3. We started a wedding website; here!
  4. We started our registry today; here!
  5. I'm also going crazy collecting fabric and things like cake stands at the local St. Vincent De Paul!  (See milk glass vases below....)

It's all kind of fun, and kind of stressful......Okay, it's mostly fun.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010, in a nutshell

Oh!  2010!  I'm sad to see you go, but I'm so excited for 2011.

2010, in a nutshell:
I started Grad. School.
Jason turned 30!
I planted my first garden.
Jason had his first art opening since moving to Wisconsin.
We adopted our second cat, Humphrey.
I released my first solo album on my 24th birthday.
I taught guitar and bass at Madison's first ever Girls Rock Camp.
Jason became an uncle (and soon I'll be an aunt!)
Jason released an EP and an album.
Jason and I were in a documentary about the DIY touring and house show lifestyle.
Jason and I got engaged!
In The Kitchen: Music and Creative Collective launched!
We were visited by 16 guests.
We had 10 house shows in our home.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

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