Tuesday, February 17, 2009

University Underground

Be sure to listen to my new solo radio show today (Tuesdays) at 2PM- 3PM EST. Listen online at www.wnte.com
It's a show focusing on rare oldies from the 60's and newbies from the 80's and 90's indiepop movement to today.

The third Tuesday of every month focuses on Girls in the Garage, which features both old school and new school examples of girls who rock the eff out, independently (minus the Blondie I just had to throw in this week...sorry!!)

Here's the playlist:
  1. "My Boy Lollipop" -- Sakura & The Quests
  2. "Chu Sen Ling" -- The Bermudas
  3. "Eisenhower is the father" -- Best Friends Forever
  4. "Sweet Darlin" -- She & Him
  5. "Million Things" -- All Girl Summer Fun Band
  6. "Bubblegum I see" -- Annemarie
  7. "The Treehouse Song" -- Ane Brun
  8. "Cet Air-La" -- April March
  9. "Trapped Under Ice" -- Call and Response
  10. "For You" -- Elephant Parade
  11. "Picture This" -- Blondie
  12. "Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks" -- The Brunettes
  13. "Get Together" -- The Diskettes
  14. "Molly" -- Eux Autres
  15. "Hanging on the Telephone"-- The Kirby Grips
  16. "Dark Halls" -- Au Revoir Simone
  17. "Groovy" -- Billie The Vision And The Dancers


*** I did not delete the commercials and news and all of that fun stuff, but if you would like me to, just drop me a comment and that's something I can edit out in the future.

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