Saturday, May 23, 2009

Asthmatic Kitty

Greetings from the road! A few days ago Billy, Chris, and I did not have a show, so we decided to travel to Lander, Wyoming on a whim. Lander is the home of a pretty cool coffee shop called Folklore, where we walked into and ended up unexpectedly playing music in that night.

After we played a talent scout named Ed Novotny from Asthmatic Kitty Records (which is based out of Lander, and is best known for being Sufjan Stevens' label) approached both me and Billy and asked for a copy of each of our demo albums so that he could share it with the rest of the people on the label to hear, including Mr. Stevens, and get back to us.

I am so completely overwhelmed and excited and honored that someone involved with such amazing music would even take my music into consideration for possibly being on such a prominent label in the independent music industry.
Even if nothing major comes of this (which I highly highly highly doubt it will), it's still pretty cool that one of my favorite musicians will be hearing my music too.

Isn't that cool?


Mercer said...

That is so effing amazing!!

Justin the Jaguar said...

That is awesome, Connie! I wish you the best!

Meg said...

That's so cool Connie! So, like..If you become a big star, can Mozart and I be invited to your big Hollywood party with half naked girls? Please?

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