Friday, May 1, 2009

Creative News!

This has been a crazy week for me, but it has been super productive too.
My last week at school has been my favorite.
  • Playing music with friends in the grass,
  • bonfires with my housemates and neighbors
  • lots of studying
  • lazy days at work
  • lots of sewing at home
Perfection, basically.

Onto what's most important...
I bought a drop spindle and some wool,
to spin my own yarn.
Yesterday I went on a field trip to Yorkshire Meadows with my friends Michelle, Gen, and Emily, where we dug through raw fleeces, ooo-ed and ahh-ed over the vibrancy of newly dyed wool, and of course, daydreamed of cuddling sheep.

I also completed the two dresses I was sewing for Meg.

In music news:
"War Bride" <---- A new demo!
I leave for tour in two days.
(I don't think I mentioned that Alaska's not happening due to crazy Canadian border control,
however, we're touring the prairie and the Rockies.
You can check out The Bossettes myspace for more details.)

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