Monday, July 26, 2010

Granny2 Rag Rug Tutorial

This isn't your granny's Rag Rug, but it does involve Granny square-like qualities!

Granny2 Rag Rug

  • Scrap jersey fabric. (I used old t-shirts and scrap fabric, even lonely socks!)
  • Chunky crochet hook (Anything that will handle jersey fabric well.)
  1. Cut jersey fabric into strips (I cut them into 1" strips, but you can certainly choose what works best for you. If you find something that works better, comment and let me know!)
  2. Crochet in a circle. (I'm a knitter. I don't know too much about crocheting, I'm sorry!) I would leave some space and just connect the progress every so often. You want it lay flat.)
  3. I ended up adding some rows on opposite sides of each other to make an oval, because I was getting bored. (Again, I'm sorry, I'm a knitter.)
  4. Keep going until it's as big as you might like it to be.

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