Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wedding biggies.

I've decided to keep my wedding banter to a minimum, because let's face it -- this is a DIY blog, not a DIY wedding blog.  I mean, it's cool for people who are interested, but I'm sure most people are not.
I swear I will try my hardest not to mention it more than twice a week!  This is one for the week!

I just wanted to update everyone on the biggies, because I like you.

  1. The date is set!  August 6, 2011!  (We did this about two months ago.)
  2. The venue is reserved!  Olin Park Pavilion!  (Also reserved about two months ago.)
  3. We started a wedding website; here!
  4. We started our registry today; here!
  5. I'm also going crazy collecting fabric and things like cake stands at the local St. Vincent De Paul!  (See milk glass vases below....)

It's all kind of fun, and kind of stressful......Okay, it's mostly fun.

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