Friday, February 4, 2011

Flashback Fridays -- Peeing in the woods.

Yeah, we've all done it. 
Lately the desperation of having to pee in the woods has been bringing my spirits up.  Not that I'm really down... but whenever I miss my family, my friends from home, or the exhilaration of traveling, I'll go to my strangest happy memory.
When you're peeing in the woods, there's no property anymore.  The land goes back to being this wonderful place that belongs to no one.  Let's face it, you can really get to the point where you can appreciate that tree and that dirt when you have to pee so badly it's making your fillings rust.

Peeing from coast to coast.
It's always good for an awkward snicker in public, that's for sure..


harold hollingsworth said...

works for me on road trips, 2 thumbs up!

Christopher And Tia said...

The one time that I tried to pee in the woods, I got pee all over myself.

Never. Again.

merelythemoon said...

The trick for ladies is holding onto a tree, Tia! You hold on, lean back, and thank god. whoooooh.

And Harold! How have you been?!

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