Monday, December 19, 2011

Wedding Week, Day 1

 So, I know I promised this a few weeks ago...but I have another surprise for my readers at the end of this week that might explain my absence a bit.  So in the meantime, feel free to enjoy the photo's, and stay tuned!

And now, a first look!
Jason and I took most of our portraits before our wedding ceremony.  I'm so happy we did, because the day we got married was in the high 80's in August!  By taking out portraits early, everyone was still comfortable and looking their best.

We got married at Olin Park in our lovely city of Madison, Wisconsin.  Jason and I love Madison so much.  It's where we met and where we started our life together.  Jason is originally from eastern Oklahoma, and I'm from north-eastern Pennsylvania.  Madison actually ended up being the perfect in between point for our wedding, and everyone traveled a fairly equal distance.

 Check out the little girlies!  ^^
All the girls I've cared for since moving to Madison (minus baby Clare!)


 More to come tomorrow!

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