Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wedding Week, Day 3

Our reception was something that I had been working very hard on for just about a year.  I'm really pleased with the relaxed atmosphere that we put together, and even though it was so hot, everyone had a blast.

Our friends Krista and Nathan made home-brewed ginger beer and wheat beer for the wedding, and it was a total hit!  I didn't drink any, but everyone loved it!

 Our friend Monica helped us with a DIY photobooth.  My sister and I made the props with one of the older girls that I take care of during the summer.  They were a blast!

 I used metallic vintage frames with old family photo's for our centerpieces.  We also had a variety of milk glass vases that held flowers from the Dane County Farmer's Market.  I placed everything on a vinyl record to have some contrast from the white tablecloth.

Jason and I collected glass jars, plates (dinner and desert), and silverware from thrift stores and wrapped the silverware in vintage fabric. 

 One of my favorite things about our wedding was that we also had a family of hummingbirds as our guests!  If that's not a good sign, I don't know what is!

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