Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October House Show #1, 2010

Jamie and Neil are two of my favorite people in the universe...but they live in Seattle, so I never see them (actually, this was only our second time being together.)
And to top it off, Edwin was there well!  We basically got to spend the whole weekend with these three delectable yum yums.

We ate cheese curds, made dinner, and Jamie and I pulled carrots from my garden together.  It made me wish that I could see them all time, and I was so sad when they left.  It made me yern for all of my friends and family who I never see.  Oh well!  I guess the sweet times wouldn't seem so sweet if we had them all the time!
So now we just have to wait for the next opportunity to be together again!

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Edwin R. Perry
Coney Island
Leonard the Comet

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