Monday, November 1, 2010

Wedding Dress of the Week -- sarahseven Elope Dress

Jason and I want a non-traditional diy wedding (did you expect something else..?), but we have to have some traditional options, like our location.  The location has to be 100% handicap accessible in order for my grandmother to attend, so that crosses out most parks and backyards.  I can deal with that, especially since there are tons of other options that we still have.
There are a few things that I will not budge on.  I want a handmade or vintage dress.  Right now, I'm still set on sewing my own wedding dress/reconstructing a vintage dress, so the Wedding Dress of the Week is purely for inspiration right now.  I thought it might also keep track of dresses that I love, just in case my sewing plans fall through.

I love how shorter dresses are so low-maintenance and classy.
And you could wear it again!  How can you go wrong?


1 comment:

Evie said...

Very cute dress!!

I think Olin Park is pretty wheelchair accessible and the shelter there is so cute!

Have you guys figured out a when yet?

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