Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tandem bike!

Jason and I bought a tandem bike as our wedding gift to each other.  We thought it would be a great activity that we could do together, and add onto once we plan our family.  It's a little early, but we found a great deal on craigslist, so we couldn't turn it down.  So in the meantime, we've been getting some good use out of it!

Today we biked around our neighborhood for a half hour, followed by a spontaneous bikeride around Lake Monona.
All together we traveled about 9 miles and leisurely biked for two hours!  Not too shabby.


Mandi said...

Cute! I am afraid I lack the coordination to make a good tandem bike partner. haha

merelythemoon said...

Mandi, you would do just fine, trust me! :) It's a lot easier than it seems to be. The other day I saw a double that looks like it would be a complicated!

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