Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nursery Design: What has been helping me.

Since Jason and I found out we were pregnant, I have been thinking of what we would like to do for a nursery.  We have a small budget, but I am confident that we can still pull off a great room that will be comforting for our little girl.  I knew I wanted to produce a gender nuetral environment from the start.  At this point in time, I cannot imagine having another child, but I also don't want my child to feel forced to like something that just doesn't feel right. 
Even though we are no where near the end of our journey, here is a look at what has been helping us so far.

What has been helping me:

1.)  I started off with concentrating on what I would like on Pinterest.  I know pretty much everyone is using Pinterest now, but for those of you who have yet to know the wonder:  Pinterest helps members find inspiration and find patterns from their inspiration to understand what direction to move into next.  I use Pinterest for everything from DIY idea's to classroom tools.
Using Pinterest reminded me that I love robin's egg blue, yellow, and grey as a neutral (with hints of pink and orange.)
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2.)  Starting our baby registry was also helpful.  We are registered on, which is a universal registry.  It has been so easy to use.

3.)  Apartment Therapy.  It never hurts to see a fabulous room completed.  That's where I found this rug made out of carpet tiles.  You probably could use just about any rug, but carpet tiles would be easiest to work with.

4.)  Chic & Cheap Nursery is a blog that has been an excellent source for ideas and inspiration.  It's more than just baby stuff, too!  It's also a great place to find ideas for your big kid, too.

5.)  Color Splash!  I love this HGTV show.  It's hosted by David Bromstad, who won the first HGTV Design Star, and his prize was having his own design program on HGTV.  He's so talented, and not to mention a total sweetie pie.  It's a great place to find inspiration for the whole home, including a nursery.  You can visit the HGTV website to find full episodes for free.

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