Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dream Babes!

Anyone who really really knows me, knows that I have a healthy interest in girl groups of the 50's and 60's.
Now there's the basic Supremes, Shangri-las, and Marvelettes..but what about all of the other fine ladies who are often looked past?

That's where Dream Babes comes in!
Dream Babes is a 8 volume compilation of various, rare British girl groups of the 60's...and quite honestly, I could listen to them for hours.
Each compilation focuses on certain areas that span the Brit girl group genre such as:
  • Backcomb and Beat (vol. 3)
  • Folk Rock and Faithful (vol. 5)
  • Beat Chic (vol. 7)
  • Stockingtop Pop (vol.8)

My favorite is Dream Babes vol. 4: Go Girl, which is the first Dream Babes volume I found after searching for original Twiggy recordings. So through sweet, sweet Twiggy, I discovered my new favorite mod Brit-pop girl groups, The Orchids and The Mckinleys.

Here's my favorite song on the compilation,
"Love Hit Me" by The Orchids

Don't you wish little girls in pop music still looked like little girls?

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mordi said...

keep an eye on my blog over the next week becuase i am sharing some never released on cd orchids rarities!

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