Friday, September 19, 2008

free decorative lace circular scarf pattern

Since the last time I wrote,
  • My lovely boyfriend, Austin, has arrived safely in Pennsylvania in one piece from Seattle.
  • I bought an old man's sweater at a Good Will for $4, made of lamb's wool. I unraveled it, and I'm getting some great use out of that cheap, but yummy yarn!

(That's just a sleeve!)

  • I have finished the decorative circular scarf.
It's perfect for beautiful autumn days like today, where it's much too warm for anything wool, but you still want something to block the wind from slapping you in the face.

The pattern isn't completely my own. I found the simple lace pattern on a website which I can't find, so if this is's really great and I love it..I'm sorry I didn't bookmark your page.

100% cotton yarn, in peaches and cream
Recommended Needle Size:
US 11, straight needles

1.) C/O 34 sts

2.) follow the graph for the whoooole scarf

****slip the first stitch at the beginning of every row as if to purl for the whole project
****knit the last stitch at the end of every row for the whole project

3.) 3 needle cast off


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