Monday, September 8, 2008

Mod Green Pod

I just discovered this website, Mod Green Pod, specializing in whimsical hand silk-screened 100% organic cotton fabrics and vinyl-free wallpapers.

It's positively stunning!

Speaking of fabric and the like:
Yesterday I went to a local coffee shop, (where I have been recently employed at) for some knitting and tea drinking with my friend, Michelle. On our way back, we ran into our friend Sarah who invited us to go to the Good Will with her. Of course, we said yes.
$25 of vintage fabric and patterns later..

Currently Hearing: Dear Nora's Mountain Rock
Currently Knitting: Decorative lace circular scarf, 100% cotton
Currently Loving: Cotton Bird Designs


Vandy said...

i really like the cotton fabrics .
i think you must be a good girl who loves and knows how to enjoy art and life.

merelythemoon said...

Well thanks so much! Keep checking up!

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