Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fabulous fabric!

I baked a huge strawberry mango tart out of the strawberries Jason and I picked from the front yard. It was delicious, however, I didn't really keep track of the recipe, so I will have to try to make it again before posting it here.

In other news:
  1. Interview with AmeriCorps Tuesday! woo!
  2. I've been baking my own vegan Italian bread everyday. So fun, so easy, so yummy, so inexpensive! ($1 for a loaf freshly baked bread is 10 times better than the arm and a leg normally paid!)
  3. Did you know IKEA has a killer selection of fabric? Me neither!
Here are a few of my favorite groups:
Cecilia Fabrics
$2.99 / ydFredrika Fabrics
$6.99 / yd

Yes please!!

Currently Knitting: a lace circular scarf
Currently Hearing: Georgy Girl. Love it!
Currently Loving: Cute!

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