Saturday, October 17, 2009

Christi Garland

I love Christi Albon. She's a really super person, guitarist, and friend, and I wanted to post what I made her for her birthday months and months ago but haven't had the chance to mail yet (not because I'm bad at mailing things, but because I'm good and forgetting to mail things.)
Christi still lives in the dorms at college because she's an RA. It's a pretty sweet deal if you can get it, however, it kind of stinks because you have to live in a cold cinder-block box, surrounded by obnoxious kids away from home for the first time.
When I used to live in the dorms, I found that what really helped my feel more cozy and at home were
  1. bight, warm colors.
  2. no fluorescent lights.
  3. handmade touches.

Anyway, I felt that what would help her out would be some sweet garland to decorate her room with.
I hope she likes it.


bad penny said...

hi thanks for visiting my blog. I'm sure your friend will love the garland. said...

Love the garland! I don't like flourescent lights either! Suzie. xxx

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