Wednesday, October 7, 2009

September's House Show

Oh yes! So, I know I said I would post about last month's house show about a week ago, and I haven't yet because of trouble with uploading video. (I - HATE - UPLOADING - VIDEOS- ONTO - BLOGGER, by the way! But at the same time, I love them once they're posted, so I suffer through it. Kind of like wearing high heals.)
Well, I've got it figured out, and here we are!

"See ya, Summer! "
September's House Show.

A great time, once again. And a good excuse to see almost all of my favorite mid-westerners at the same time.

The Weather Duo
Or should I say The Weather Solo? Ben was sick, however
Pat could hold his own alone too, let me tell you!

Who knew our living room had such good acoustics for a cello?

Plum Union
Amazing, as always.
I cannot tell you how much I love Plum Union's music, as well as their company.
I met Cat and Edwin on my first tour of the country, and Edwin was actually with my bandmates and me when I first arrived in Madison. In a way, they are the embodiment of the mid-west to me.

This was the night that we also discovered that Willi has vicious lazer eyes.
Can't you feel the evil just flowing through you?

And now, I will eat Sushi with my steady beau.
Okay, I love you all!

1 comment: said...

I love those laser eyes!!! As for high heels! I go for comfort these days! Suzie. xxx

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