Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Once upon a time, in the land of babes.

Once Upon a time, I knitted a sweet little hat for a newborn named Ada. She's a super cute little cupcake who looks just like her Ma, and you can hear a lot more about her at her Mom's blog, or her Dad's blog.
They are both extremely kind folks who make some of my favorite music under the name Silence at Sea. (They're very good, please check them out.)

As a little bit of a handmade swap, Laura (Ada's Madre) sent me over the most beautiful bag which is made out of some of the most lovely fabric I have ever touched, let alone looked at. And it even smells good. What are the odds of one single item pleasing so many senses all at once?! My goodness!

When I first received it, I was at odds with how to put it to good use.
1.) I didn't want my cat to ruin it.
2.) I didn't want to ruin it by using it for groceries or a knitting bag.
So, I decided to use it for my wool and drop spindle!
It's like they were actually made for each other!
It's love!


DangerousDoug said...

We really like the hat too :) It keeps her little head warm in the snow we've been having. Thank you again :) x

I Am Me said...

:) wow, we're famous! I love that you're using your bag for crafty looks great! Let me know if you cook that risotto! L xxx said...

I really like the hat, strangely, I have a hat on my blog this week! Bag is gorgeous too! suzie. xxx

xoxoKrysten said...

Aw I like that hat!

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