Sunday, September 26, 2010

Productive weekend.

Jason and I had quite a productive weekend.
We went thrifting at this new thrift store in town, where I found two vintage brooches and my first bakelite bracelet!  Only $9 for all three items.
The bakelite bracelet that I found is priced in between $200 and $300, and I got it for $3! 
Insanity, I tell you!

Jason also released his new album, Sunburned Sceptics this weekend! 
El-tin fun had a huge release party at Mickey's Tavern, and I even managed to stay up past 9PM.
Congratulations to my one and only, and our dear friend Tom on their release!


Evie said...

I love the brooches!

Your blog is so cute Connie!

Where's the new thrift store

merelythemoon said...

Thanks so much, little Evie! Remind me to ask Jason what the name of the thrift store is tonight!!!

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