Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wedding Planning Blues. AKA.. Someone Shoot Me.

I am going to make more of a conscious effort to blog more...I promise.
Lately I've been spending all of my free time doing wedding planning and reading Girls Like Us.  It's an amazing read, and I highly recommend it, and so does that means you would probably love it.

I've been so absent because lately I've been feeling like I've had nothing creative to share with anyone,  because I haven't been doing anything creative lately.  It's been making me so jealous of everyone in the universe who is doing anything creative.  Not healthy!  I guess I'm finally realizing that I need to let go.  Our wedding is not going to be on Ruffled of Green Wedding Shoes, because I don't have a stylist or wedding planner, and I refuse to allow myself to go insane over cupcakes and centerpieces.  I quite simply refuse!

I think I just need to be better about asking for help.  But guess what...that takes even more planning!
It's a vicious cycle.

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