Saturday, November 14, 2009

November's House Shows, Part I

I didn't get to take pictures at October's house shows, so I haven't posted anything about them, but they were very lovely.
Last night I made sure not to forget about taking pictures for November.

Flotation Walls

Epic music from Columbus, OH in my living room.

Adam Balbo
Singer songwriter with very quirky/cute/clever lyrics, from San Francisco.

Other News:
1.) You might notice that I've changed my blog around a bit.
Let me know what you think.
I haven't decided what I think about it yet.
(I'm worried it looks soccer-mom-blogish)

2.) Willi was spayed, and she had to wear a soft "sunflower" (as Jason and I liked to call it) so she would not harm her stitches. She has not calmed down at all since her operation, but is more moody, embarrassed, and of course, naughty.
Here is an example of such naughtiness, while she tries to wriggle her way out of her "sunflower".

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