Monday, February 22, 2010

Barry Louis Polisar

Barry Louis Polisar is widely known as being on the Grammy award winning Juno soundtrack, as well as the opening credits of the movie. Okay, cool. So a lot of people really like "All I Want is You"...and with good reason, it's an endlessly sweet song!

He has such a brilliant library of witty songs for children. Yeah, I mean the kinds that parents like too.
His songs are silly and playful, while even touching upon serious issues (and making them simple enough for the smallest child to understand.)
Think Dr. Suess meets Pete Seeger.

Here is my favorite album by Barry. I hope you like it too.


Mozart Guerrier said...

thanks, Connie!

daniel john said...

Awesome. It is amazing how some people come up with cool blogs.

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