Thursday, February 25, 2010

Basil seedlings and sewing for me.

Well, this week has been nuts. I've been working a lot, singing lots of Baby Beluga, and repeating "You have to wear a hat, it's freezing outside!" probably as much as my mom had to back in the day.
But good things are happening.
  1. It's the last week in February.
  2. I start grad school in less than a month.
  3. Our upstairs neighbors surprised us with some basil seedlings today.
  4. I'm slowly but surely sewing something for myself for a change.


Mozart Guerrier said...

those seedlings look great said...

Ahhh, its lovely seeing the little seedlings coming up! I have some on my window sill, brocolli so far, and a broan bean is struggling to push the soil out of the way and get to the light! Suzie. xxx

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