Friday, February 5, 2010

Nebraska Pop Festival

Well holy cow! I've been asked to play at the Nebraska Pop Festival in September!
I haven't played too many shows since I've moved to Madison (in fact, my second show since moving here is going to be on Sat. Feb, 20th at the Glass Nickle, if anyone is interested..) and most notably, I have never been asked to play a pop festival before, so I'm really excited.
I'm also really thrilled to have to opprotunity to see lots of indie pop represented in the mid-west.
It's so funny, I thought that the Northeastern US was barren of indie pop, but let me tell you, it was only last week that I saw my first indie pop band in Madison...and they were from Columbus, OH.
Cue: Super Desserts.
(^^^ They're dreamy, check them out.)

It might be worth a mini-tour to do so!
I should probably decide soon, eh?


I Am Me said...

cool, congratulations on the gig! x

Half Moon Street said...

Great news Connie! This'll be ace. Indietracks next! Like Super Desserts - a lot. Not sure what they remind me of, a mixture of things, but it's good. 'Comfort in His Lies' reminds me of Nina Nastasia, which is great

I Am Me said...

if you get to indietrack let us know and we can meet up!!

merelythemoon said...

Thanks for the sweet words, my lovely Cardiff friends! I doubt indietracks would ever ever ever happen for me, but it's a far off dream-line goal, for sure!

And Neil, I'm happy you got a kick out of Super Desserts, I'm sure they would love hearing from you. They are nice kids.

eve said...

thanks very much for coming to our show, connie! that festival sounds really cool!

-eve of super desserts

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