Saturday, February 27, 2010

Be Brave and Think.

My heart aches with the tragedy and uncertainty that has been happening on and to our planet.
I try not to touch upon sad or controversial topics in my blog too often because we hear about the bad in the world more than the good , but I know I'm not the only person who has an aching heart because of this.

I'm not a woman who really prays. Not in a traditional way, at least.
I just think a lot, which I think is kind of like praying.
When we think about difficult topics, we are more likely to take positive action to change or help with the situation. Thinking is a very brave thing to do, when sometimes it's so easy to push socially challenging thoughts out of our minds. Or maybe we get kind of sick of topics after a while because we hear about them so much, but the fact is that maybe you don't want to hear about the tragedy in the world anymore, but you have to think about the people who have to face that tragedy everyday as their reality.

Anyway, I just want everyone to think today. Think about something that is hard to think about, and counter act it with a positive action this weekend.
Do something kind.
Open the door for each person walking behind you.
Make dinner for someone you know who is struggling financially.
Do something little for someone to remind them that they're special.
Donate to a charity.
Send water and food to help relief efforts.

I know you'll think of something.

Okay great. I feel inspired now, I hope you all do too!

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