Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mountain Dulcimer Love.

Folk music...
What can I say?
I love it.
Modern "folk" music is okay. You know the type. Coffee shop open mic-er's who play Bon Iver covers, but don't sound half as lovely. It's okay. I can deal, but it just doesn't cut it.
What really quenches my acoustic-loving thirst, however, is REAL folk music.
I'm talking droney Appalachian hymns and ballads written while America was still a rose e're blooming and sung and recorded by blind, bearded men during the Great Depression. I don't mess around.
When I say folk music, I mean folk music.

Anyway, I'm ranting because I just found Mountain Dulcimer noter and drone blog yesterday.
Check it our for a look-see into the world of a woman who lives, breathes, and loves Appalachian Mountain Dulcimers. She tabs out songs and talks about different tunings in detail, perfect for the beginner Mountain Dulcimerist. This blog has already helped me tons with my confidence in my playing.
It's love!

And now for my crafty readers:
You can find a free tutorial on
how to make your own Mountain Dulcimer


Strumelia said...
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Strumelia said...

Thank you for your kind words about my mountain dulcimer blog.
Perhaps you'd enjoy joining my mountain dulcimer community as well...Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer at

Nice blog you have started. :)

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