Thursday, March 12, 2009

Boyfriend of the week

Boyfriend of the week:
Jens Lekman
musician, my dream man

Oh Jens, I'll let you under the shade of my umbrella
if you'll row me in boats and play ukulele with me.

Speaking of dream men, I was walking back from class today and saw the most beautiful specimen gracing the sidewalk outside of Belknap. We met eyes and both said hello to each other.
Isn't that lovely? He was even wearing nice shoes and glasses. Unfortunately, in Mansfield, PA that usually means that he is:

A.) Taken.

B.) Not interested in ladies.

Maybe that's not the case, and perhaps our paths will cross again (which isn't all that unlikely considering how small Mansfield is).
I'd like to make a nice new friend.

New Demo:
"Thick Woolen Clothes" -- The Bossettes
"Winter Song" -- The Bossettes (this is years old)


Erica said...

Connie, why hello! How cute that our blogs are matchy matchy. I must tell you that I downloaded your wnte podcasts and listened to them yesterday as I was walking along the beach. Both sets were very enjoyable!

Mozart Guerrier said...

Connie, i really like that track about woolen clothes... it was smooth and pleasant. thanks for making it available.

merelythemoon said...

Awe, thanks Mo! :)

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