Tuesday, March 17, 2009

University Underground

University Underground
Topic = boys and girls!

This week I wanted to focus on sometimes that I feel can really make a song --
The blending of vocals from both genders.

  1. "My Heaven, My Sky" -- Rose Melberg
  2. "Somewhere" -- Vic Chesnutt & Liz Durrett
  3. "Say Hello" -- Rosie Thomas
  4. "No Two People" -- Danny Kaye
  5. "Tonight You Belong To Me" -- Page France
  6. "Cherry Blossoms" -- Polka Dot Dot Dot
  7. "Go Where You Wanna Go" -- The Mamas and The Papas
  8. "I Want to Tell You" -- Funny Little Dream
  9. "Asleep on a Sunbeam" -- Belle and Sebastian
  10. "Wait For You" -- The Maybellines
  11. "10 Hour Drive" -- The Poconos
  12. "If I Ever Get the Chance Again" -- The Parcels
  13. "Stark Street" -- Boy Crazy
  14. "Gumdrops" -- The Smittens
  15. "Art" -- The Diskettes
  16. "Than Her Heart Allowed" -- Silence at Sea
  17. "8 Great Ways" -- Tullycraft
  18. "When I Go" -- Slow Club


Things I love:
  • Having the time to cook dinner.
  • Loving and being loved.
  • The smell of lemon on my hands.
  • Springtime.
  • Gelato.


I_am_me said...

Hello again!

Thanks again for podcasting one of our songs...do you get them from Myspace or do you have the CDs? I heard the last podcast and found out you heard of us through Neil from PopMwsig (I can't remeber how they spell that!)...

Oh, just listening the todays podcast and am being reminded how much I LOVE Slow Club!

Anyway - if you'd like our CDs I can post them to you, just let me know...

I've been ill in bed for most of today (it's now 11.30pm!) and your podcast has made me feel better!


laura xxxx

merelythemoon said...

Neil sent me "Than Her Heart Allowed" almost two years ago and then I downloaded "Memorise Everything", "Tell the King", and "deadcowboytown" from myspace (when you still could!) I just couldn't get enough!

I would love that! Let's do a CD trade!
Please get well soon!

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