Tuesday, March 10, 2009

University Underground

Playlist: Topic = Girls in the garage chill the eff out.

  1. "In Bed All Day" -- Tilly and The Wall
  2. "Paper Horses" -- Accordions
  3. "Behave" -- Lake
  4. "I Need You" -- Sarah Hammond
  5. "Birds of Cuzco" -- Nina Nastasia
  6. "Lonely Angel Dust" -- Laura Veirs
  7. "deadcowboytown" -- Silence at Sea
  8. "French Song" -- Naughty Naughty Nurses
  9. "Love Hit Me" -- The Orchids
  10. "Swimmers Ear" -- Alexandria Hall
  11. "Limbs" -- Jelen
  12. "Location Temporary" -- Mirah
  13. "I'd Like to Walk Around in your Mind" -- Vashti Bunyan
  14. "Early to Bed" -- Dear Nora
  15. "Three Star Compartment" -- Heavenly
  16. "San Francisco Song" -- Camera Obscura
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P.S. I'll post pictures from the past week later.

I'm almost done writing my new album.
Here's a demo of my newest song. I'm sorry the quality is horrible.
That's the story of my life.
"We Rise from Sleep Simultaneously"


I_am_me said...

thank for puuting one of our songs on your podcast!

Laura (silence at sea) x

merelythemoon said...

Thank you for making lovely songs!

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