Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A spring break that feels like spring.

I went to New Mexico to visit with my friend Jem for a long weekend. It was beautiful, and I spent the majority of my time alone exploring, but it was still so lovely. My first time being in a place that felt like spring over spring break.
And to think, I will be touring to Alaska this spring -- a place that will feel like winter.
My, my, my!
While I was there I made a twisted rib circular scarf.
It felt so nice to start something and have the time to finish it in two days.
Better than smooches from someone who makes you giddy.
Better than watermelon on the fourth of July.
Better than making new friends on airplanes.

Remainder of my Spring Break schedual:
  • Wed. -- York, PA. Lunch with Chris With Knives. Harrisburg, PA. Making dinner with Kate.
  • Thurs. -- Lock Haven, PA. Out with Liz for her birthday.
  • Friday -- Pittsburgh, PA. Gallery opening and after party and Sean's place (Mr. Jackson, if you're nasty.)
  • Saturday -- Lots of driving. Lots of working. Lots of cooking.
  • Sunday -- Working, then! Dinner Party/House Show @ The Green Shutters (my house)
anyone and everyone is invited! Be there!


Justin the Jaguar said...

I can't WAIT! I am working on a surprise. I hope I get it done in time. WISH ME LUCK! See you then!

Mozart Guerrier said...

Congrats on the trip(ping). hope your having tons of fun, and gettin' mad pics...

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