Saturday, March 14, 2009

Topaz and Flock

The new spring issue of knitty is out, so I am thrilled (to say the very least!)
My favorite patterns are:
If I could fast forward ten years just to knit these for my future babies,
I definitely would.


Justin the Jaguar said...

I really want "Flock"!!! lol

merelythemoon said...

Well maybe I'll make it for you instead, Justin! haha :)

Justin the Jaguar said...

The real funny part is I do want it. I love the colors and that they are birds. I know its kind of weird to have baby toys in your room when you don't have a kid, but it is just amazing and definitely not tacky like the plastic toys they make these days. Sometimes I just see random toys and feel inclined to get them, because I like nicknacks and impractical widgets. I know I am going to end up being the old pack rat with a million things in my attic that I always feel attached to. Oi vey!

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