Monday, March 30, 2009

Rooster Tease.

Something I've been called lately,
which kind of annoys me, yet leaves me amused.


How can someone be a you know what tease when:
  1. they are not intimate (physically, emotionally, etc..) in anyway, shape, or form and
  2. make it completely clear that they are not interested in a relationship?

How silly!

Currently Knitting: a green cabled hat
Currently Hearing: early 60's sunshine pop
Currently Loving: staying up late to listen to early 60's sunshine pop.


harold hollingsworth said...

teasing is so confusing sometimes as well!

Justin the Jaguar said...

Wow! What is a Rooster Tease? I don't get that. Apparently, I am a tease too, though not interested in anyone other then Jess. I have never been called a ____ tease, just a tease. When people try to be weird they say I am Flirtatious or a Shmooze. I guess its better then being called a Ca-vetch or an Ass, but still no fun.

Can't a person just be nice? I guess that person just didn't have the vocabulary to say that you are a very kind and generous person.

Justin the Jaguar said...

Oh... Rooster Tease. Gotcha!

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