Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Natural Woman, Day 1

I am on a quest.
A quest to become a natural woman.
Yeah, like the Carol King kind.

How am I going to start such a journey, you ask?
I'm going to stop buying/using shampoo.

"That is gross and dirty", you say? Well, actually it's pretty old school.
I'm taking a cue from my ancestors and washing my hair with baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and warm water.
Click here to find the recipe I'm using.

I've been researching the No Poo Movement for a few weeks, and supposedly shampoo poisons your body, your hair, and the environment. Count me out.
So now I'm documenting my DIY journey to healthy hair, one less squirt of shampoo at a time.

Day 1:
My personal hair routine before:
I don't dye it, blow dry it, use conditioner, and sometimes I don't even brush it. (whoops..)
So it's pretty healthy, I guess.


Still not dyeing, blow drying, or anything stupid. You know.

Note-worthy Notes:
So far my hair certainly feels like it's adjusting/transitioning,
but it doesn't feel or look greasy.
So far so good.

The weirdest thing so far is taking pictures of myself to document it. It's like hearing your own voice. Ew.

1 comment:

Jem Baker said...

you're wonderful.
everything that's right in the world.

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