Thursday, August 19, 2010

Natural Woman, Day 2

Day 2

I'm not going to lie...My hair is feeling pretty gross today.
I never used conditioner before I started the No-Poo process, and I'm thinking that maybe I should not use Apple Cider Vinegar either until my hair adjusts (since that's what is used as the conditioner for your hair.)  I also feel like a french fry at some icky gyro place in Seaside Heights when I'm washing my hair, even though the scent of Apple Cider Vinegar washes out completely.  It doesn't linger.  It's just the 30 seconds that I leave it in.  (Don't worry, my future Poo-Free pal's.)

You can also use olive oil if you feel like your hair is left feeling a bit dry...but let's face it.   I really don't need that right now, considering I look/feel like a Trustafarian today. 

Warning:  I also might feel kind of gross because 
I am writing this after working 10 hours.
I'm fairly certain that has A LOT to do with why I'm feeling pretty "eh."
I think I can, I think I can...

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