Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Grad School starts up again for me this week.  I didn't really have a summer since I have classes all year at the school that I'm attending (so I can graduate in a year instead of two.)  I'll be happy once it's all complete, but until then I think I'm driving myself mad.

Before starting the insanity, I thought I would tackle one big project that I've really wanted to do before the cold weather starts...and since this will be my last chance to do anything huge before the winter arrives...I decided to do it now.  My last chance for a while.
(Please note that it was 89*F today...and here I am making.....)

My first quilt in over 4 years...
in progress.


Anonymous said...

looking super dope

Meg said...

Do you think I can send you my quilt pieces you could finish my wedding quilt!? It's a mess.

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