Friday, August 27, 2010


School is about to start again, and as I'm getting ready for that, I'm also preparing for the cold weather (my morning sniffles are indicating that it's right around the corner.)
And with the start of Semptember comes:
  1. My mother's long awaited visit to Wisconsin (the first time she's ever been here!)
  2. The Nebraska Pop Festival
I know I don't really talk much about my music on here, mostly because I feel music cuts us up into tribes, whereas art, food, and crafting unites us. Usually if I'm slow with writing in my blog, it's a good indication that the musical muse is upon me.
I mentioned a while ago that I was invited to play the pop festival, but it has been a while since I've said anything about it.  I've asked Jason and my friend, Liz to join me on stage, and our friend Andrew to be our groupie (like he isn't already.)
I'm going to be bringing copies of my new Album, Spring Spring, as well as my two EP's; I like my soul much more now, and My first Christmas in Madison, WI.  I'm also bringing the contents of my Etsy shop, and making some additional handmade merch.
T-shirts, patches, buttons, maybe tote-bags if I have the time...
Here is a sample from a design I've been drawing up.

Also, I've really been loving the magenta on saffron combination lately, so I've been sewing many coffee sleeves with that in mind.

Currently Loving:  This idea
Currently Hearing:  "Nice to Come Home" -- Julie Dorion
Currently Wanting: sushi

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